How To Win In Court

Here's Why Some Family Court Guides Are Going To Hurt Non-Custodial Parents How To Win In Court

Most court, mostly family court, programs don’t work. They are full of the worst advice anyone can ever be given.

In fact, their advice could end you up in jail faster than you could ever imagine.

The worst thing you can do is take their idea to court and make the judge think you are a nut case.

Gurus take your money and leave you holding nothing but more debt and bunch of pie in the sky ideas.

Yet, people keep spending thousands of dollars on these fake and incomplete legal programs.

The gurus are just regurgitating what they hear the professional say.

The gurus think all they have to do is keep repeating what real lawyers say, and eventually the guru will start sounding like they know what they are talking about.

The bad news here, is they are right. The gurus do sound like the professional after a while.

The gurus promise, “Do this one thing and you will win in court”.

They Claim all types of schemes will set you free, but the truth is their schemes do not work.

If you are looking for legal help, but you can’t afford a lawyer to represent you, then this could be the most important website you have ever seen.

This May Come As A Shock

But the only way to win in Family Court is to beat them at their own game, study their laws, and learn their rules.

Winning in Family Court is not something that is done overnight.

It will take you a lot of time and effort, and any kind of short cut will cut years off your labor.

You can get information about Family Court, anything you could possibly imagine, online for free.

In fact, there’s so much information for free that you will never in your life-time be able to cover it all. 

The Only Thing To Help Speed Up Your Learning In Time For Court Is the how to win in court Legal Course

The reason to buy a law program when legal knowledge is available online for free might startle you.

Because it will save you time.

Because it’s true there’s tons of free information online about Family Court.

In fact, some of the information you can find for free is the same exact facts as what you can buy.

All you need to do is spend hundreds of hours listening to some of the good gurus and some of the bad gurus and watching HD videos after SD videos, and some videos you can’t really tell what is going on in it and the quality of the sound is terrible, but about ways you can win in Family Court, you would eventually learn the same information as what is in the top dollar paid version.

Some of these free videos, books, and programs will help you a little.

But who has time to scourer the internet unless you are unemployed?

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There Lie Several Problems


  1. Some gurus have never been in a real Family Court. They have never been thrown in jail by a family judge. These gurus are just regurgitating what they watched on another guru’s channel. A lot of what they teach you will hurt your case more than you can even imagine. Most of these gurus will tell you up front they are not a lawyer, so they have no formal education in the field of law. Sure they may have won a case, but that doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about and it can help you.

  2. There’s much miscommunication going online. Have you heard of the one defense that says the Social Security Administration owns your social security card, so they are liable for your child support? This blatantly false news is sometimes delivered to you on purpose to mislead and confuse you by the enemy.

  3. The free content is almost always incomplete. Family law encompasses the whole legal system, not just a tiny book of information. If you study just family law, then you will not get the complete picture of how the court system runs.

Introducing a legal course (Jurisdictionary) made by a real lawyer. This program is produced by a real lawyer that can practice law legally, and his course is a legal course designed by this real bona fide, battle-tested in the courtroom, lawsuits winning lawyer. It’s here to help people like you and me that have little to no legal knowledge, Pro Se litigants, win against the very well planned out system that is designed to keep Pro Se litigants from winning in the first place. This program is for people who are on a mission, a mission to set things right.

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Here's What You Get With Jurisdictionary


No matter if you have a lawyer or not, Jurisdicitionary simplifies lawsuit procedures, evidence, and tactics. This course will help you know what should be done, so if you have a lawyer you can make sure they are doing the right things.

If you don’t have a lawyer, it will help you go it alone. Thousands of people win court cases every year. All it takes is dedication and know-how. What helps you get the know-how and dedication is having a program designed to help you learn. 

Jurisdictionary is an easy to understand the program, that was made by a lawyer with 35 years of experience. It contains:

Main Menu Classes Found Inside of Jurisdictionary

Reference Classes Found Inside of Jurisdictionary

A Note From The Jurisdictionary Maker, Dr. Graves How To Win In Court


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