Jerry Smales (, Kala Helmick, Joseph Smales, and Matthew Smales

Services Offered 

Mr. Smales offers free services for business owners, entrepreneurs, and regular people wanting to make real, legal money on the side. His goal is to liberate those people with the initiative and drive to do something other than be a slave.

Business and Niche Development 

Some people want to start a business, but they do not know where to start. Mr. Smales has a simple one step process that will help you decide what kind of business to start making money. First of all it is not the proverbial follow your heart and survive on a prayer hog wash people are spreading online. Sometimes you can make money from your dreams and aspirations, but smart people go where the money is . . .

Marketing And Advertising

Mr. Smales does marketing and advertising for those interested in building additional income. The truth is if you are not advertising online is not easy, but if you are not doing it, you are quite literally loosing out on the biggest opportunity in the history of the world. There is a reason everyone is talking about Facebook marketing: Because Facebook marketing works. And it is because Facebook owns a demographic that the whole world has never seen before. With the demographics that is available through Facebook, you can contact your perfect buying customer and put your ad right in their face. No more days of the say and spray, shot gun style of marketing. Back in the day, you paid for your advertisements, you paid for everyone to hear your ad, even if they did not qualify for your products, you still paid, but those days are over. Now days, you only pay for ads that reach the customers you want your ad to reach. As with Mr. Smales’ copywriting services, you only pay Mr. Smales when he delivers to you results. Contact Mr. Smales today. For a very limited time, you can get all advertising for free.


Mr. Smales offers copywriting services. Did I say it was free? Marketing online is not easy. People are bombarded with advertisements in-between every paragraph. It is very difficult to gain people’s attention unless you use the right words. We have popups here and popups there. We have popups everywhere. How do you get people’s attention? How do you get people to see your products and services and take the right action? The answer is simple. You hire a great copywriter. A copywriter knows how make people fall head over hills in love with products and services. Copywriters know how to make the customer focus their attention to the details of your products and services. Copywriters use marketing psychology to snap your customers mind to attention and focus on what you have to offer. Then using marketing techniques to motivate your customers to take buying actions. If you want to sell more, contact us today. We have limited slots available for new copywriting clients and prices are not going down. If you get in a copywriting slot today, you may be able to sell more of whatever it is you sell. Mr. Smales copywriting services pays for itself. In other words, if you he doesn’t sell what you got, you pay nothing. That’s the way it is.

Leadership Consultant

Mr. Smales offers personal and business leadership consultancy services. Are ready to step into the leader you are meant to be? Many people think leadership is something you were born with, but the truth is leadership is something you can be taught. Mr. Smales knows about leadership (He only has a Bachelor and Master Degree in it.) and he knows how to teach leadership skills to others. If you want to learn how to be a great leader, then you should contact Mr. Smales immediately.