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The Non-Custodial Parent's Journey (Crash Course In Legal Education 101)

When you’re sucked into the child support system, you don’t realize the power of the family judge until it’s too late. You believe it’s going to be a fair and partial court because it’s under the American flag.

Don’t be that fool.

The woman judge behind the bench is there to extract as much money as she can from you. This black robed devil was picked for this job because of her psychological disposition towards men. 

She gets off making men suffer. She was probably abused during her childhood life, or brain washed, and deeply hates men. In her mind, she’s going to punish you for everything bad that women has endured from men since the beginning of time.

  1. When you enter the family court with your lawyer, your lawyer is on their team and is only interested in taking as much money from you as humanly possible. You might as well be going to the guillotine holding the executioner’s hand.   
  2. You may or may not know the custodial parent but you’re now paying for her kid(s), her nails, and her hair, and you are giving Child Support Enforcement (CSE) a big piece of the pie. CSE is taking 66% of each child support check. The judge gets 2/3 (two thirds) of every dollar she can squeeze from you.
  3. The kid(s) may or may not be yours, may or may not get to visit you, but you are not allowed to have DNA tests.
  4. Child support court did not give you due process.
  5. If you was able to get DNA tests, you still have to pay child support, sometimes even if the kid(s) are not yours.
  6. The family court doesn’t listen to a word you say, and they ignore your paperwork.
  7. You’re paying child support, or at least you was until you lost your job, got put in jail, or something caused you to miss a payment.
  8. Now you have arrearages.
  9. Child support enforcement is threatening you about your licenses, passport, and jail.
  10. You have arrearages because they set your payments too high and you went a little while between jobs, and the new job doesn’t pay as much as the last job.
  11. If the kid(s) is yours, you can’t get your visitation rights enforced.

The Main Reason You Are On This Website

There are many reasons you are on this website, but the reason is you do not know how to stand up for your rights.

On this site, you will find videos, downloads, and link resources to help you fight Child Support Enforcement (CSE). All these resources teach you about your rights.  Once you learn your rights, the crooked courts will stop taking advantage of you. For example, did you know the constitution of the United States Forbids you to pay chid support?


You can talk until you turn blue when it comes to Family Court, but you won’t accomplish anything until you put it on paper and know the laws.

That’s why this site is here. I put together these resources, so you can submit affidavits to the court and make the family judge hear you.

This website is for people who are having their life destroyed by crooked child support enforcement agencies.

The kid(s) are not yours, or the kid(s) haven’t been proven to be yours even though you keep asking for DNA tests, you are denied, or you’re disabled and can’t get a job and can not afford child support and CSE keeps putting you in jail or threatening to put you jail.

I made this site because I experienced all of the above situations. My goal here is to help you fight a crooked system, the CSE and get your life back, and if possible all your money.

Let me introduce you to two (2) of my friends Rick W and Amen Osiris. These two (2) CSE champions are saving thousands of lives. They offer tons of free information.

With their videos, my website, and links, you can put an end to your suffering.

If you want, you can pay Rick or Amen for their paper work (Starting at $500-$3500), or you can watch their videos and copy what they do for free in a few short months, or below at the bottom of this page, I offer you a combination of both Rick and Amen’s affidavit techniques for little to nothing. The big difference between what I offer and what they offer is I offer a money back guarantee, and they don’t.

This means you can steal my affidavits if you want. If you buy my affidavits and don’t feel for any reason like my affidavits are’t worth the money, I will give you all your money back.

Plus, you do not have to pay a dime for my free affidavit, or what you learn here, and even if you have a third (3rd) grade education, you can follow these instructions and get your life back from child support enforcement.

All You Need Is Desire To Change Your Situation, Persistence, And Time

I am going to show you how to use CSE laws against them.

You have heard of the Constitution of the United States, and we all know that these laws do not mean a thing to the people who run CSE. This is because most of us do not know how to make the constitutional laws work for you.

Have you wondered why CSE is taking your money, rights, and liberties?

It’s simple, they know the rules and you don’t.

Once you learn these complex rules (I will with the help of Rick and Amen breaks these rules down so you understand them), you’ll be able to fight CSE and get your life and money back.

All you have to do to learn the rules is watch videos: It really is that simple.

Then you turn in the paperwork in the videos and the courts are forced to abide by the laws.

Thousands of Non-Custodial Parents are winning in court because they are watching these videos, copying the paperwork in the videos, and changing their lives. 

I made this webpage to help people get their life back.

In the near future, I will be adding to this webpage all the links to each video, so you can stay on this page for all your resources. Go ahead and save this webpage in your browser window as a favorite now. Each time you return, you will learn more.

I know how it feels to have your life destroyed by CSE.

I know all about their tricks and lies.

CSE takes your money, so you can’t afford to pay rent. When you can’t afford rent and become homeless, they put you jail.

Or you pay child support until you become disabled, then they put you in jail because you become disabled and can’t pay child support.

They know you can’t pay child support because you can’t find work, so they put you in jail.

While you are in jail, they add arrearages to your case.

The list goes on and on.

Why do I hate CSE?

They stripped me of all my rights and they are doing it to millions of people.

They robbed me and my family (they might as well put a gun to my head), they threw me in jail without due process (even convicts get due process), and they take food out of my children’s mouths (in the name of child support).

Not only did they do all of this to me and more, but they label us as deadbeat parents!

Every American is born with inalienable rights, the rights to liberty and pursuit of happiness and all that.

The Constitution of United States is the supreme law of the land.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make the law of the land work for you? 

I made this website to help you make the laws work for you.

What you’ll find on these pages is free advice, videos, and links to resources that’ll make your child support go away and help you get your life back.

If you are currently being pursued by child support enforcement’s crooked system, then this could be the most important website of your life.

You are about to learn everything you need to get CSE off your case.

This is free advice, and this doesn’t cost you anything, I am not charging you a dime, and all you have to do is follow the very simple instructions that I lay out in front of you.

Why Would I help You?

You may or may not know, I paid child support for two (2) kids that weren’t mine, both are adults now.

I almost lost my life because child support enforcement.

I worked for years “under the table” because the last time I worked for someone, I received a $12 check for two (2) weeks worth of work.

My employer got a letter from child support and was so scared, they took my money before I got my check.

I almost went crazy trying to keep child support off my back.

They was always sending me letters, saying I owed them money.

They put me in jail several times.

I don’t get along with felons.

The last time they asked me to show up for a Show Cause order, I got their thirty minutes early and signed in when I walked in the Family Court office.

They arrested me in the father’s waiting room (I didn’t even get see the judge and present him with all my evidence of why I was late on my payments).

Then they shuffled me to the jail house but not before my ex-wife’s family conveniently got to see me in handing and ankle cuffs (My ex-sister-in-law works for the local police detachment).  

I finally got to speak with the judge.

After the weekend in jail, the family judge gave me a $5,000 cash bond.

Thank god I got out that day and didn’t miss another payment until recently.

Before I get to far ahead, let me explain why my case is probably a lot like yours.

The first child I was required to pay for, I paid all the child support even though I had DNA proof the kid wasn’t mine, the mother admitted the kid was not mind, the court admitted the child wasn’t mine, we knew who the father was, but I was still ordered to pay child support.

The second kid I am still paying for, even though I have repeatedly asked for DNA (the judge from the first child is the same judge who denied me DNA from the second child, unfortunately the child died a couple of years ago when she was 21, yet I am still paying arrearages up until recently.

Over the past two (2) decades, I tried everything I could possibly try in court.

Because Of Child Support, I Spent Seven Years As A Homeless Veteran

Before I became homeless, I wrote motions, notices, pleads, and many letters back and forth the judges, magistrates, lawyers, civil rights attorneys and et. al.

About 2006, I gave up.

My health was failing, I had cancer, and would have surely died if I wasn’t able to get treatment (I was able to get a grant from a nonprofit organization for the treatment).

I was well enough I hit the road, carried everything I owned on my back because I was tired of being a burden to my family, and hoped for the best. 

It was a long story, maybe one day I will share it with you.

Eventually, I came back home to my moms, went back to school for my post graduate degree, and I decided to have two more children.

If you can’t beat them, join them, right?

I paid them my money every month until I recently got a notification from one of the major credit bureaus that I was being reported as not paying my child support.

Since I have been paying child support on time and in full, I was a little mad about it all.

One day about a week ago, I was watching YouTube to see what’s new with child support.

I regularly visit all the channels and monitor what’s working and what’s not working.

Most of it doesn’t work.

A Judge Dismissing Child Support Is Like Seeing A Real Unicorn: No Such Thing!

Do not try some of the zainy, wacko suggestions you hear on YouTube.

Unless you want your child support raised or worst, get yourself put in jail.

About a week ago, I seen this guy Rick W’s video below.

After I seen this video, I knew (I went to law school for one year), Rick knows what he is doing.

I did not have to second guess anything.

I bought his program (you don’t have to buy anything from him, just watch his videos for free).

Rick sent me affidavits and instructions.

I followed his instructions, and the court immediately took notice.

I had a date with the Family Court For August 26.

On August the 20th, 2019, the court had canceled my date, to Show Cause, and on August 24 I received a letter telling me my date to Show Cause had been moved and changed the appearance to a Hearing September 26, 2019.

What Makes Me Think Rick Is The Child Support Savior?

Simply put, if you follow Rick’s instructions, you will be set up with a paper trail that proves the courts are not following their own rules.

In other words, Rick’s affidavits are geared to present the law as it is written and how family courts ignore the law and do whatever they want.

It didn’t take my Family Law Judge to see what was about to go down and immediately change his tone with me.

I have to tell you it doesn’t work for everyone.

Unfortunately, judges are all different and they all have big egos and chips on their shoulders.

If you have a smart judge, and you turned in Rick’s paperwork, then your judge will know what is right or not.

Only a dumb, stupid judge will not follow Rick’s program, and this is great news for you if you have to keep fighting.

The good news is your child support will end immediately after you turn in Rick’s affidavits, the bad news is you will have to keep fighting and the stubborn court will have to pay dearly for their knuckle headedness in the long run.

I follow the instructions.

And the court has already took notice a few things:

  1. I have the means to fight them with their own system.
  2. I have the paperwork that lays out the laws and how they are breaking the laws.
  3. I have a paper trail, solid proof they are in the wrong.
  4. This paper trail looks very damaging if I was to present this evidence to a jury.
  5. Rick taught me the United States Constitution, and every state has a constitution that says the same thing: controversies of $20 or more has the right to a jury trial.
  6. There are several laws the family court has broke.
  7. I am presenting the court with those laws, whether or not they comply with my demands or not, I have a documented evidence. If they work with me, they will have less proof to a jury trial. If they keep fighting me, I will have more evidence for the jury trial. I know what you thinking, “You can’t sue the judge”. You’re wrong and once you start watching Rick’s videos, he teaches you all about what the law says. He backs ups everything he says with adjudicated facts.



Affidavits Used To Fight Child Support Orders

  • Welcome To Child Support Enforcement

    Welcome To Child Support Enforcement

    This is Child Support Enforcement welcoming you into their family. Like true mobsters, they let you know up front how much you’re expected to pay to keep your freedom.
  • One of Multiple Affidavits In Folder One (1)

    One of Multiple Affidavits In Folder One (1)

    There’s only one way to fight the mob, and that is to play by their rules. You must learn their rules and you must know it better than they do. When they threaten to put you in jail, you must remind them that judicial immunity is a presumption, a judge losses his immunity the second he or she deprives a man his due process guaranteed in our bill of rights.
  • Another Affidavit From Folder One (1)

    Another Affidavit From Folder One (1)

    If the judge is smart he will dismiss your case immediately. Some people have had their cases dismissed immediately by these affidavits alone. In worse case scenarios you will have to submit a shit load more affidavits before you make them stop taking your money. The good news is the more they fight you, the more proof you have when you sue them to get all your money back.
  • Another Affidavit Out Of Folder One (1)

    Another Affidavit Out Of Folder One (1)

    Each time you submit an affidavit, the court starts to realize you mean business.
  • Another Affidavit From Folder One (1)

    Another Affidavit From Folder One (1)

    There’s a total of 33 affidavits to file from folder one (1). One or all 33 affidavits will be needed to get you off the hook. If you are lucky, you will only have to file one affidavit. These affidavits, each one by itself, have been proven to stop CSE from taking your money. Used together, they family court judge has to be nothing but a heartless lunatic to try to fight you. If the judge does fight you, who ever reviews your affidavits, will plainly see your judge is lawless and committing fraud on the bench. Through the years, many affidavits have been successful in getting people out from the talons of child support enforcement. You can spend centuries learning what is in these affidavits, or buy them all here for little to nothing. This site is the only place where you’re going to find the best resources.
Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 10.58.36 AM
Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 11.00.19 AM

Below Here Are Links To Help Non-Custodial Parents Conduct Research Click On The Images To Be Taken To More Resources

Child Support Offices Nationwide














Below Here Are Videos That Teaches You How To Handle The Judges In Family Court These Videos Below Help You Learn What You Need To Know About Writing Your Own Affidavits

Videos To Help You Understand Child Support Enforcement And Your Rights

  • Family Court/Paternity Court

  • Establish Paternity

  • Threatening Jail

  • How To Claim Financial Hardship

  • Order To Show Cause

  • Contempt

  • Arreages

  • Final Hearing

Available Affidavits And Instructions You Should Have When Fighting Family Courts (HINT: Most Of The Time You Will Need More Than One Affidavit) All These Affidavits Have Gotten People FREE From Child Support, And Are Available For Free Online (When I Have Time, I Will Provide You With More Instructional Videos)

HERE'S A SECRET What Matters More Than Any One Single Affidavit Is What You Say And Write When You Get In Front Of The Family Judge (In Other Words, Educate Yourself About The Law. Everything You Need To Fight Family Court Is On This Page)

Jerry Smales (, Kala Helmick, Joseph Smales, and Matthew Smales

Below Are Options To Donate Money For The Above Family Court Affidavits (All You Have To Do Is Pick The Affidavit That You Want From The List Above, Then Write An Email To Me @ (Give 24 Hours To Respond) Letting Me Know What Affidavit You Want, Then I Will Send It To You Other People Are Offering The Same Paper Work But They Do Not Have The Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee (If You Have Difficulty Writing, Do Mot Bother With These Affidavits/templates Below. The Affidavits Below Are Only Templates, and You Have To Write Your Name In The Blanks) You Can Take Full Advantage Of Me: If You Change Your Mind For Any Reason And Want Your Money Back, I Will Return 100% Of Your Money Back

Jerry Smales (, Kala Helmick, Joseph Smales, and Matthew Smales

Contact me at after you make your payment and let me know what affidavits you want.

You can choose between the affidavits listed above. I wrote the affidavits I send you myself and I offer a 100% money back guarantee. 

One (1) Affidavit

You pick out one affidavit and submit it to the courts.


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Jerry Smales (, Kala Helmick, Joseph Smales, and Matthew Smales

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