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The Non-Custodial Parent's Journey (Crash Course In Legal Education 101)

When you’re stuck in the child support system, you don’t realize the power of the judge until it’s too late. You believe it’s going to be a fair and partial judge because you’re in an American court.

You could not be further away from the truth.

The judge behind the bench is there to extract as much money as she can from you. This black robed devil was picked for this job because of her psychological disposition towards you and men in general. 

She gets off making men suffer. She was abused during childhood, brain washed, and deeply hates men. In her mind, she’s going to punish you for everything bad that women has endured from men since the beginning of time.

Aside from the disposition the judge has over you, here are even more reasons you need to take advantage of this page you are on free family court paperwork:

  1. When you enter the family court with your lawyer, your lawyer is on the judge’s side (they all, the judge, the opposing lawyer, and your lawyer are good buddies). Their team is only interested in taking as much money from you as possible and maybe sharing it with each other. You might as well be going to the guillotine holding the executioner’s hand when you go to family court with a lawyer.   
  2. You may or may not know the custodial parent but you’re now paying for her kid(s), her nails, her hair, and even drinks at the bar if she chooses.
  3. Indirectly Child Support Enforcement (CSE) gets a big piece of the pie, the more they get you to pay, the government gives CSE more federal money.
  4. The judge’s salary comes from every dollar she can squeeze from you.
  5. The kid(s) may or may not be yours, may or may not get to visit you, but in many cases you are not allowed to have DNA tests.
  6. Child support court does not give you constitutional due process.
  7. If you was able to get DNA tests, you still have to pay child support, sometimes even if the kid(s) are not yours.
  8. The family court doesn’t listen to a word you say, and they ignore your paperwork.
  9. You’re paying child support, or at least you was until you lost your job, got put in jail, or something caused you to miss a payment.
  10. Now you have arrearages.
  11. Child support enforcement is threatening you about your licenses, passport, and jail.
  12. You have arrearages because they set your payments too high and you went a little while between jobs, and the new job doesn’t pay as much as the last job.
  13. If the kid(s) is yours, you can’t get your visitation rights enforced.

Below you we offer you three (3) free court papers (affidavits) that you need to stop child support enforcement from stealing your money. If you watch the videos on this page, you will be able to write your own affidavits.

Affidavits Used To Fight Child Support Orders

  • Welcome To Child Support Enforcement

    Welcome To Child Support Enforcement

    This is Child Support Enforcement welcoming you into their family. Like true mobsters, they let you know up front how much you’re expected to pay to keep your freedom.
  • One of Multiple Affidavits In Folder One (1)

    One of Multiple Affidavits In Folder One (1)

    There’s only one way to fight the mob, and that is to play by their rules. You must learn their rules and you must know it better than they do. When they threaten to put you in jail, you must remind them that judicial immunity is a presumption, a judge losses his immunity the second he or she deprives a man his due process guaranteed in our bill of rights.
  • Another Affidavit From Folder One (1)

    Another Affidavit From Folder One (1)

    If the judge is smart he will dismiss your case immediately. Some people have had their cases dismissed immediately by these affidavits alone. In worse case scenarios you will have to submit a shit load more affidavits before you make them stop taking your money. The good news is the more they fight you, the more proof you have when you sue them to get all your money back.
  • Another Affidavit Out Of Folder One (1)

    Another Affidavit Out Of Folder One (1)

    Each time you submit an affidavit, the court starts to realize you mean business.
  • Another Affidavit From Folder One (1)

    Another Affidavit From Folder One (1)

    There’s a total of 33 affidavits to file from folder one (1). One or all 33 affidavits will be needed to get you off the hook. If you are lucky, you will only have to file one affidavit. These affidavits, each one by itself, have been proven to stop CSE from taking your money. Used together, they family court judge has to be nothing but a heartless lunatic to try to fight you. If the judge does fight you, who ever reviews your affidavits, will plainly see your judge is lawless and committing fraud on the bench. Through the years, many affidavits have been successful in getting people out from the talons of child support enforcement. You can spend centuries learning what is in these affidavits, or buy them all here for little to nothing. This site is the only place where you’re going to find the best resources.
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The procedure to disestablishing paternity is easy. If you can get the court to go along with your request, then you may have a good chance of disestablishing paternity. This disestablishment doesn't mean you automatically stop paying child support. You will find out here you have to do many things to stop child support.

Videos To Help You Understand Child Support Enforcement And Your Rights

  • Family Court/Paternity Court

  • Establish Paternity

  • Threatening Jail

  • How To Claim Financial Hardship

  • Order To Show Cause

  • Contempt

  • Arreages

  • Final Hearing


Below Here Are Links To Help Non-Custodial Parents Conduct Research Click On The Images To Be Taken To More Resources

Child Support Offices Nationwide

If you need help finding your local Child Support Offices, then this link will be of some help to you. Click here to find out where your local child support offices are located.


This link will take you to the online child support enforcement portal. If you want to learn more about online child support enforcement services, follow this link.


The more you know about child support enforcement, the less likely they will be able to steal your money. It is best to use their own rules and regulations against them. Child Support Enforcement sometimes ignore their own rules, if you have a paper trail when you go to sue them, you have it all documented and make it easy for the jury trial to make their decision in your favor.


Black's Law Dictionary is a vital legal dictionary used in many legal universities. You can pay hundreds of dollars for Black's Law Dictionary, or you can follow this link and enjoy a free copy of Black's Law Dictionary.


What's the difference between positive law and negative law? You better know this answer to this question because if you want your child support to be dropped, knowing this key fact about American laws, may save you from a crooked court system.


When you sue the family court system, you need to know the federal rules of procedures. Click this link often to learn more about how you are supposed to conduct yourself in court.

Below Here Are Videos That Teaches You How To Handle The Judges In Family Court These Videos Below Help You Learn What You Need To Know About Writing Your Own Affidavits

Why Do You Need Affidavits? Affidavits Help You Win Your Case Against Child Support All Affidavits Below Have Gotten People FREE From Child Support, And Are Available For Free Online. All You Have To Do Is Take The Time To Put Them Together

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