Jerry Smales (jerrysmales.com), Kala Helmick, Joseph Smales, and Matthew Smales


This website is for non-custodial parents. All non-custodial parents should take advantage of the (FREE Child Support Portal) of this website. It is for men and women, non-custodial parents who are sick and tired of them sobs taking your money and your rights. If this is you, and you are ready to stand up for your rights, your are encouraged to stop letting the IV-D crime family trample on your Bill of Rights, constitutional rights, your God given rights, then you are in the right spot. Many people will do nothing. They are totally okay, sending them bastards money. 

If that’s not you, this website is for the people who take control of their life, their surroundings, and make things happen, bend life towards your goals. You will benefit from this site in many ways.

The free IV-D information shared here will help you take more control of your life and get your life back.

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Web Design

Do you like this website? You can have a website like this one for free. On this website you can learn how to build your own website for free. Mr. Smales gives you easy instructions, and if you have the time and patience, you can learn how to build a website just like Mr. Smales. Or you can pay Mr. Smales to build it for you. On this website, Mr. Smales directs you on how to have a website like this one for freee. Yes freee! If you have access to the internet — and obviously you do — there’s tons of free resources available. Lucky for you, you don’t have to find it, and you don’t have to hunt it all down. It’s available right here. Take advantage of these free resources. Do you love design. No matter what it is, a logo, a website, a company, Mr. Smales is always glad to offer his expertise for free (when available). Contact Mr. Smales today if you have a project that you would like help with. Mr. Smales offers free consultation, and Mr. Smales regularly volunteers his services to worthy projects. Just contact Mr. Smales. He is always glad to hear from new people. 



If you like advertising, you might be great friends with Mr. Smales because he loves to learn and teach about marketing and advertising. If you don’t know anything about advertising, and you would like help building an advertising campaign, Mr. Smales would love to help you. Mr. Smales offers free consultation. Mr. Smales first consultation is free. And, under certain circumstances, he does offer his services for free if it is a project that he particularly likes. Contact Mr. Smales today and the least that will happen is you get free advice on your advertising campaign. No obligations.


Logo Design

Logos are the most fun. Mr. Smales spends hours on a single logo because he loves this kind of work the best. Your best advice for making a logo is not to worry about it. Worry about the money first. Make a simple logo and forget about it. When your project makes money, then hire Mr. Smales to make a logo that is professional, and does all the talking for you. Over the years, Mr. Smales has become great at making logos and making them fast. Mr. Smales knows exactly what the logo looks like before he ever makes the first design. This because he plans each step of the logo, so the logo does everything that it is supposed to do. Contact Mr. Smales today if you would like a free consultation on your logo. Mr. Smales services are not cheap, but he will volunteer his services to your cause if he deems it a worthy cause. The only way to find out if you will get his services for free is to contact him. He will be glad to hear from you.

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January 2017

Jerry Smales (jerrysmales.com), Kala Helmick, Joseph Smales, and Matthew Smales

Mr. Smales With Jim Justice, Governor Of West Virginia

Mr. Smales introduction to social marketing came from the best school of marketing in the world, Northwestern University. Every since Mr. Smales graduated with his Masters of Science degree, he has been continuously studying and learning everything there is to know about online marketing and advertising. He does this not because he has to do it, it is because he loves to do it. Let him help you make your dreams come true. Mr. Smales offers free initial consultation. The least you will get is free advise. Sound good enough?

Jerry Smales (jerrysmales.com), Kala Helmick, Joseph Smales, and Matthew Smales

Mr. Smales Meets The Secretary of State for West Virginia, Natalie Tennant

Altrucon Inc. is a conglomerate business. Under the Altrucon umbrella, Mr. Smales runs several for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. He builds websites, bring people to Christ, and even help homeless veterans.

March 2014

March 2015


Jerry Smales (jerrysmales.com), Kala Helmick, Joseph Smales, and Matthew Smales

1 Site Created

Mr. Smales first site was for his church. He created the website on Facebook because even back in 2015, he knew how important a website could be for an organization.

Jerry Smales (jerrysmales.com), Kala Helmick, Joseph Smales, and Matthew Smales

General Tackette And Mr. Smales

Mr. Smales graduated from Mountain State University (MSU) with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Master of Science in Strategic Leadership. MSU went bankrupted in 2008.

April 2005



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