Toys In A Box

Put Old Toys Your Kids Do Not Want In A Box For Kids Who Have No Toys

Instead of throwing away toys your kid(s) don’t want, you can change a kids life forever by putting the toys in a box, and Toys In A Box charity will give the toys to needy kids.Not many kids in America go without toys, but for those kids in America who do go without toys, you can make a big difference in their life.

Toys In A Box (TIAB) is collecting toys for kids who have none.

How Toys In A Box Works

Accepting New & Used Toy/Book Donations

Then Connecting Them To Needy Children

Toys In A Box is a children’s non-profit organization. It’s the brain child of Joseph Smales (Age 6).



Toys In A Box Mission Statement: There are children in your local area that need toys/books. With your help we can change that. Toys In A Box “TIAB” is the connection between families and businesses who have new or used toys/books to donate. We connect toys/books to needy children. TIAB is the missing link in communities. TIAB is the vessel that creates unity within your community. The goal is to touch the life of a child through the gift of a toy/book.



How do we do this?

TIAB accomplishes this by accepting new and gently used donated toys; we sort them locally at our warehouse. We then redistribute the toys to parents, government agencies, or other non-profits (IF YOU HAVE A NON PROFIT AND WANT TO JOIN OUR CAUSE CONTACT US ASAP) who place those toys directly into the hands of the children who need them.

TIAB has initiated community participation at many levels. TIAB efforts have afforded community service to schools, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Lions Club and other organizations that need to obtain service hours. We now have hours for participating on a regular basis sorting toys. We have a list of volunteers that include retired men and women in the community already a part of all that we do.

In order to operate we will need funding, thus, we continue to seek financial contributions through donations, grants and fundraising events. These events have included many family orientated activities for more community participation. Our website offers sponsors an opportunity for exposure as we thank them on the front page of the website. Anyone wishing to donate toys will be directed to the link below. The link below is an asset to all involved.

TIAB is already accomplished many other projects for children including a “Children of Soldiers Project”. We have placed toys in the hands of thousands of soldiers children while they are serving us across seas. What a better way to bring joy to our soldiers than to bring happiness to their children.

Additionally TIAB has engaged a Children’s Literacy Project to hopefully help improve the low literacy scores in our schools. TIAB has assisted a countless schools with family reading nights. TIAB gives students a book to read and an incentive toy for doing so , they are also given the book to keep as well . Get a child to read a book—perhaps improve their reading scores! Make reading fun!

TIAB also creates amazing events for children. Our latest event  was the entire Orphanage (200 kids) out for a day of fun. We took them to an indoor sportsplex where they played dodgeball, soccer, basketball, other games. We had  clowns , magicians and  huge jumpies! 

TIAB feeds them treats (cotton candy) & pizza and best of all tons of toys awaiting them at the end of the day, what a surprise, the roar of their joy was deafening. TIAB gave them a day they will never forget. You can take away a lot from a child but you cannot take away an experience! We continue seeking out events bringing joy to children. TIAB is committed to taking them out every year now—we intend on keeping our promise!

There are so many more, just too many to list.   TIAB will continue to seek out and add more nonprofits always. We want to touch the lives of as many children as we can. The sky is the limit, with your help, we will reach it!

Please feel free to contact me

President Joseph Smales (Age 6) and Vice President Jerry Smales


Feel Free To Donate Below

Give them the toys you was going to throw away and brighten their dark world.

Make their poverty diminish with your kind gift.


Imagine a world where you are a little child and you do not get toys.

A simple kind gesture of giving away a toy that you was going to throw in the trash anyway to a poor kid could brighten their gloomy world.


Click The Call Now Button When You Have Put All The Old Toys That Your Child No Longer Plays With In A Box, And We Will Have One Of Our Volunteers Pick The Box Up At A Locate Near You.

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Call us if you live in the Beckley, West Virginia area if you would like for us to pick up your donated toys.

We can be reached at 304-923-2013.