What Happens When Your Id Is Stolen?

Here Is What I Did When Someone Stole My ID

Hello Folks,

If you are online long enough, your id will be stolen.

Mine has been stolen about five (5) times now.

Most of the time, I get Facebook to close the account and everything is a okay.

This crazy stuff happened to me again this weekend.

A strange lady contacted me on Facebook and asked me if I had been talking to her on MeetMe.

I told her no, that I had not been on Meet Me and that someone else must have stolen my Id.

She then sent me several screenshots of this person’s profile and their conversations.

Apparently, this guys thinks I am a good looking fella since he is going around telling girls he is me and for them to send him money in Africa.

Notwithstanding this craziness is all flattering, the facts are very important for everyone to consider.

What if this guy got a lot of women mad at him, aka me, those women, guys, or both, could decided to start a campaign against him, aka me, then I could have a total mess to deal with that could take me months or even years to recover from if I can recover from it at all.

There are many things I will not go into here, but a lot of bad things can happen when people steal your id.

So here is what I did:

  1. I signed into Meet Me and tried to contact the guy, but I could not sign in for a few days.
  2. When I did get signed into Meet Me, I could not look this guy up because there is no option like that on Meet Me.
  3. I ended up sending Meet Me Administration an email.

I am posting my original email to Meet Me Customer Service below this post, so you can copy and past it for yourself.

If you have a situation like this happen to you in the future, you will know what to do and say if you are ready for it.

Follow the Huffington Post link at the end of this sentence for eight (8) easy and fast ways to protect yourself from identity theft, Click <=======>Here<======> 

“To Whom It Concerns:

Someone has stolen my ID.

I was contacted by a lady that said she was contacted by a man on the Meet Me social platform whom said his name was the same as mine.

The lady provided me with screen shots of this man’s profile from Meet Me, and the screen shots showed he was using my name and pictures and was chatting with her and asking for money.

I have tried to search for this man so I could tell him to stop this activity, but I am unable to find him on Meet Me.

Please advise.

I am attaching the screen shots to this email.

I truly thank you for your time and consideration in this important matter.

Best regards,

Jerry Smales



I hope this blog post helps keep someone from getting their id stolen.

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Thank you and God Bless America!