Best Cell Phone Service Provider in Oak Hill, WV

Who’s The Best Cell Phone Provider?

Let me start by saying: I am not getting paid for this blog post, and no cell phone service provider is paying me for this opinion blog.

I am making this free of charge, with no compensation what so ever.

I do hope you heed the advice here and save yourself time, money, and a huge headache.

Cell Phone Providers 101

Most cell phone service providers are about the same.

They offer the same service but at different prices.

In this blog I will go over the differences of the service providers in hopes of helping you to make the right choice.

At one end, you see AT&T.

At the other end, you see Straight Talk.

I have had most of the service providers offered in West Virginia, so I am offering this advise from my own experiences.

I found out after dealing with the different companies that there are no real differences with providers other than the price.

Why Does Price Make A Difference?

It’s all in your head, and the cell phone service provider’s marketing geniuses know it well.

Aside from the board of director of each service providers setting on each others board of directors, all the different companies are essentially ran by the same people.

Who cares right? The price difference boils down to what I call the brand tax.

If you are a person that puts great emphasis on the brands you associate with, then you don’t mind paying extra for the name.

In other words, if you where your polo shirt by Ralph Lauren then most likely you will have AT&T as your service provider.

On the other hand, if you are practical person, and you can care less about the brand name, you are about to save a lot of money and time with this blog.

No, Really, Who’s The Best or Cheapest

For the money, Straight Talk and Trak phone will give you everything (I do mean everything as far as minutes and data is concerned) AT&T and Verizons gives their customers but without the extra costs (brand taxes).

I lived in Oak Hill when I had Straight Talk, and there is no difference between Straight Talk in Ansted, NYC, or Jacksonville, Fla.

In other words, you will find dead spots in a metropolitan area just like you do in Ansted, and with all the service providers.

What The Big Differences Between Trak Phone and AT&T

From what I can tell, the bigger cell phone service providers offer monthly plans, or yearly contracts.

The Trak Phone and Straight Talks do not offer contracts.

To me, contracts do not add benefits.

Other than an obligation for your to keep paying the service provider, you are not allowed to buy a new phone until the contract says you can.

The contracts do offer you who are trying to build your credit a chance to build credit.

These providers will report your payments to the credit agencies especially if you are late.

And, the contract providers offer you a cell phone financing option with your contract.

Here Is My Suggestion

You are smart if you buy your phone with cash and forgo the contract.

Now days, you can use an Apple iPhone X (or any cell phone) with Straight Talk and no one will no the difference.

You then do not have to worry about the contract, making payments, and the headaches of being obligated to someone else.

Other than my suggestion here below are two options for your consideration.

Option 1: The PrePaid Plan (This Is The One I Suggest)

Out the two cheapest cell phone prepaid plans, Straight Talk and Trak Phone is about the same on price.

Both offer almost the same minutes and data.

It boils down to the name again.

To me, the name Straight Talk sounds better than Trak Phone, but to you it might be the other way around.

Option 2: The Contract Option

Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T all have the contract readily available for those who want it.

On the low end of the contract service providers you have Sprint (Lower Price but Same kind of features), and at the other end AT&T (The Most Expensive of the Three Contract Service Providers).

Quite honestly, I would stick with Verizon and Sprint if have to have a contract service provider.

As stated: the only differences between the big brand names are price and name.

Who’s Not The Best Cell Phone Service Provider In Oak Hill, WV?

The best cell phone service provider in Oak Hill, WV is not AT&T.

Watch my video at the bottom of this blog and find out how AT&T managers in Oak Hill, WV lied to me.

Employees, including two (2) different managers, claimed I had coverage in my home area; I did not.

It makes me wonder if they teach their employees to lied to the customers, so they can make that sell.

Here’s What Happened To Me

I brought their iPhone back because they lied to me about coverage.

They would not take their own cell phones back because I did not have the receipt.

You, them, and I know they could have looked up the receipt.

I had to drive an hour to my new home.

AT&T Customer Service told me that the employees and managers at the AT&T store in Oak Hill, WV had the ability to take my phone back without a receipt.

The AT&T store manager in Oak Hill, WV lied to me, so I could not return my phone back within the fourteen day return policy, but I returned the phone within that period of time anyways.

Even though I Returned the iPhone and paid the restocking fee on time, the store managers reported me to AT&T as not returning the phone on time.

That’s Not All

Then they they would not except the iPhone or receipt because the other person on my contract was not present when I returned the phone.


Are You Serious?

I am totally serious.

AT&T Customer Service told me AT&T store in Oak Hill, WV could have taken the phones back without all parties being present.

I had my girlfriend on the account, so I had to travel about an hour to get my girlfriend, arrange for a babysitter, and etc. to return the iPhone.

All this was within the fourteen (14) day refund time limit.

I paid the restocking fees.

The manager assured me I would not have to pay any additional charges.

The Manager Lied To Me

That same week got a bill for over $700.00.

Remember I did not have service where I lived.

I spent countless hours on my home phone with customers service with no help.

Customer service hung up on me several times, “transferring the call”.

What Eventually Happened?

Almost every month, I get calls from the bill collector even though I disputed the charges.

The bill collector has turn my bill into the credit agencies.

I should have kept the phone.

If you find yourself in my shoes, just keep the phone.

They will try to charge you for it anyways, no just joking.

Anyways, it is all almost just a memory now.

I am sure several people seen this post and decided not to buy a phone from AT&T in Oak Hill.

If you decide not to buy a phone from AT&T in Oak Hill because of this post, please make a comment below.

If you have a similar story, please comment below.

I truly hope this helps many people.

And most of all, I hope this costs AT&T much more than they have costs me.

Remember this post below when you think about buying a phone in Oak Hill, WV.