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Significant Developments

  • 1996

    West Virginia Army National Guard

    Mr. Smales joined the WVARNG.

    Graduated from OSUT (One Station Unit Training, 16 weeks) Ft. Knox, KY

    [The One and Only School of Hard Knox]

  • 2001

    Nominated Soldier of The Year

    C. Co. 1st/150th Armor Calvary Battalion (WVARNG)

  • 2004-2005

    City of Beckley Human Rights Commission

    Mr. Smales nominated as a Commissioner of the City of Beckley’s Human Rights Commission for two (2) consecutive terms.

    Mr. Smales resigned from the City of Beckley’s Human Rights Commission.

  • 2005

    New River Habitat for Humanity

    Mr. Smales served as Board Member of the New River Habitat for Humanity

    The Director of the Board and its members urged Mr. Smales to take a paid position for New River Habitat for Humanity.

    Mr. Smales is hired as the Development Coordinator of the New River Habitat for Humanity.

  • 2005


    VISTA stands for Volunteer In Service To America

    AmeriCorp*VISTA is a leadership position above AmeriCorp members.

    Mr. Smales is introduced to and treated to the underground of Atlanta, Georgia.

    Trained by the United States to recruit volunteers, solicit donations, and operate not-for-profit organizations.

    This is when Mr. Smales entertains the idea of one day starting a not-for-profit organization.

  • Jul 2005

    Master of Science in Strategic Leadership

    The Master of Science in Strategic Leadership is About The Psychological Aspects of Business Strategy & Planning

  • 2003

    Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership

    The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership is about Organizational Leadership and Management Development

  • 2006

    Honorable Discharge From WVARNG

    After three (3) enlistments in combat units, Mr. Smales takes an Honorable Discharge

  • 2013

    Veteran Support Organization (VSO)

    Mr. Smales is given a fundraiser supervisor position with the VSO.

    Mr. Smales organizes fundraisers and trains VSO volunteers to solicit donations.

  • 2014

    Agape Church of America

    Mr. Smales manages Home Fires Burning fundraising campaigns. 

Businesses Created

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